Riverside Students Show Veterans Appreciation With Breakfast

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TAYLOR, Pa. -- Students and staff at Riverside Junior-Senior High School showed their appreciation for veterans with a free breakfast Monday.

Vets had their pictures taken, were escorted into the cafeteria and seated by students from the school’s honor society.

"I think it's a great thing to bring the kids and the veterans together because these are our future veterans. They're going to be protecting our freedoms in the future, so, it's nice to get the appreciation that they're showing here,” said Navy veteran Tom Riley of Scranton.

Veterans ate for free at this breakfast, others paid $5.

"It's nice to just give back to the veterans who have fought for our country," said student Marren Pollack.

As they ate, vets could read letters of thanks from elementary students and look at their patriotic artwork adorning the walls and windows.

"They are special to us I mean without them, who knows where we would be right now?" asked student Elizabeth Keegan.

This was the second year of the veteran’s appreciation breakfast at Riverside.

Students and faculty said it will become a longstanding tradition.

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