One Weis to Close, One to Stay Open

SALEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The Weis Market in the Village Shopping Center on Route 590 near Hamlin is closing at the end of the week.

A spokesperson says the store hasn't done well in recent years, but when the doors close for good, shoppers will still have somewhere nearby to go for their needs.

For the past couple of decades, this has been a favorite spot for Theresa McCane of Lake Ariel.

"It was so nice. You could do everything here. They had more. This was all full," said McCane.

McCane and others just found out the Weis store will close at the end of the week. Some are surprised the store lasted as long as it did.

"I could never understand why this place remained open," said Richard Sullivan of Hamlin. "Very few people in, no matter what day of the week you go there. It's closing, and you can't be surprised."

Weis shoppers really don't have far to go for another store when the one on Route 590 closes. There's another store one mile away on Route 590 in the Hamlin area.

"They're too close, the two stores," said David Mills of Lords Valley. "They're splitting the customer base, I think."

"It gets so congested at the other store," said McCane. "Other than that, you have to go to Honesdale or Scranton."

When Weis closes at the Village Shopping Center, all that will be left is a Tractor Supply and a couple of restaurants, a far cry from the bustling shopping center this once was.

Some think Weis kept two locations just to keep competition out.

"This was kept open just to prevent some other food store from going in here, but as you can see, this whole mall is a ghost town," said Sullivan.

A spokesperson for Weis Markets tells Newswatch 16 all the employees from the closing store will be transferred to other stores.

The Weis just up the road was just renovated a few years ago.


  • beekeeper

    I live nearby, but can’t afford their prices. I need to go to Wegman’s and Sams once a week, so only go to Weis’ if I forgot something and need it quick. Meat prices are ridiculous.

  • albertcohol

    They only kept it open to keep the competition from moving in.
    They closed the store in Scranton last year, Clark’s Summit & Dallas are no longer 24 hours, and Weis has closed a few others.
    Weis bought out Food Lion in the Virginia area, and I was told that those stores are not performing to their expectations.

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