Life-size Snowmen Coming to Main Street in Stroudsburg

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- You'll soon see signs of winter in downtown Stroudsburg.

Giant snowmen will soon be displayed all throughout the borough. The people behind the project hope it will bring more people downtown.

The "Snowmen of Stroudsburg" stand more than 5 feet tall, and each one was painted by a local artist. Next Friday, 10 of them will be placed along Main Street.

In a secret location in downtown Stroudsburg, finishing touches are being put on life-size snowmen.

Members of an artist organization called Go Collaborative of Stroudsburg plan to place these sculptures along Main Street for people to come and see.

"The purpose is really to bring the town together -- the merchants and the people, the people who live in town -- back down to Main Street," said organization president Jim Evanisko.

Organizers say this project is more than a year in the making.

"We let all of the artists create designs and send them to us. Then we had a jury panel who selected the best of the best. We asked each artist to dig deep and to bring out the best that they could and we are incredibly happy with what they brought us," said vice president Jody Singer.

Once the snowmen are put into place, they will be there for a couple weeks, but don't get used to seeing your favorite sculpture in the same spot because they will be moved throughout the borough and you have to go and find them.

"We have a plan to move each of the snowmen at least twice during the winter season. There will be an interactive map that you can use to go and find the snowmen once they are placed out," Singer explained.

The snowmen are made of foam and rubber with metal frames that will hold them into place. They will also be placed in areas where there are traffic cameras to make sure they are not vandalized.

"We want people to, basically, see them and say, 'Hey, we better pull over and look at these things,'" Evanisko said.

Members of Go Collaborative of Stroudsburg plan to add about 10 snowmen a year.


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