Learning Life Lessons from Our Veterans

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A group of students in Luzerne County spent this Veterans Day not only thanking our military members but by learning more about the sacrifices they make for our country.

Misericordia University students invited some elementary-aged kids to campus on Monday. The kids got to hear the inspiring stories of two local veterans.

Students from McGlynn Learning Center spent the day outside the classroom, but that doesn't mean they didn't learn anything. They took a trip to Misericordia University for a Veterans Day program.

"Kind of exciting because they were talking about a lot of stuff. They're protecting our country and all of that," Derid Jimenez said.

The university invites the students twice a year -- Martin Luther King Day and Veterans Day -- to give the students a different type of learning experience.

"I think it is important for them to see something outside of the environment they're normally in," said Misericordia student Peyton Porch. "They go to school, and they do homework with each other, so I just think it's nice to take them away from that type of routine that they're in so they can see something cool and new."

The students got to hear two U.S. Army veterans speak about their experiences in the military. One of the vets -- retired Staff Sgt. Earl Granville lost a part of his leg while serving in Afghanistan.

"Obviously, that was a bad day, and for a group of young kids to understand that you don't have to let those bad days define who you are," said Granville.

Granville speaks to groups all over and says he enjoys talking to the children because they are so impressionable.

"I'm just hoping kids take something from something like this and understand, like I mentioned before, your bad days don't have to define who you are for the rest of your life, and you still have choices to make."

The kids definitely enjoyed the presentation.

"I want to be in the Army, too, and I want to learn from the best," Jimenez said.

In addition to the speakers, the students also participated in team-building exercises.

Misericordia University has been inviting the children to campus the past couple of years.

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