Adding Flavor to Parent-Teacher Conferences

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- The Pottsville Area School District found a way to spice up parent-teacher conferences with a variety of tasty foods.

A group of teachers wanted to add a little flavor to parent-teacher conferences, and they decided to fill the parking lot with food trucks so parents and community members could enjoy a quick bite to eat.

"It was a group effort and we pulled it together," said teacher Jill Chiccini.

"It's an awesome idea," said Frank Herndon. "Thought I'd come out to check it out and see what everyone has to offer."

"I love food trucks because they're homemade food," said Jane Yeasted. "I'm here because I had four children who went to Pottsville Area School District, and I like to support the district, so that's why I'm here."

All the proceeds will go towards PBIS, a schoolwide system aimed at improving social, emotional, and academic outcomes for students.

"I love doing stuff for the school districts. A lot of times, they don't have the money to do things and send kids places, so it makes it easier on them," said Lottie Neiswender of Grilled Cheese Cafe 2.

Hungry eaters sure had plenty of options to choose from.

"Our fluffy pig is amazing. It's a hamburger, cheese, butter, onions, our screamer sauce, and marshmallow fluff," said Jen Robert of Pop's Original Screamer Sauce.

The school district says it plans on doing this again next year.

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