‘Billboard,’ a Film Based on Radio Station Publicity Stunt, Screened in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- Moviegoers were treated to a showing of "Billboard" at the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg on Sunday.

The movie is inspired by a contest put on by the radio station WSAN-AM in the Lehigh Valley in the 1980s. People lived on top of a billboard in order to win a mobile home. The stunt lasted for more than six months and received national attention.

People who came to see the movie remember the stunt well.

"I drove by the billboard on a weekly basis, and you could see the tents and everything lined up, and for years after, I'd drive by that same billboard and they still had the platform out there until they changed the exit ramp," said Dave Givler of Lewisburg.

"Billboard" just came here after a week-long screening in the Lehigh Valley. It will continue its screening tour Monday in Harrisburg.