Hundreds of Students in Wayne County Receive New Shoes

DREHER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- All the students in one school district in Wayne County went home with brand new shoes on Friday, for free.

An organization saw a need and wanted to help outfit students who could not help themselves.

Every single student at Wallenpaupack South Elementary in Wayne County went home with a new pair of shoes on Friday.

"Shoes, socks, getting us all these goodie bags with all these toothbrushes and stuff, we are just super thankful that they got us this good stuff," said fifth grader Jaymison Ostrowski.

"They are really comfy. They are just really good. I just want to wear them for the rest of the day," added fifth grader Landon Shanaberger.

To make certain students did not feel bad, school officials say every single student got a new pair of shoes.

"The students come in, many times, with clothing that does not fit them right or it is tattered or torn. It's not taken care of and a lot of times the shoes are hand-me-downs," said kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Conklin.

Teachers say the new shoes can also help in the classroom because when you look good, you feel good.

"It is probably the best day I have had in education is a day like today when we could put shoes on a kid's feet who may not have had a pair of shoes if it was not for the outpouring of our community," said Wallenpaupack South Elementary Principal Mark Kristen.

Through a grant, Pastor Che Weber of the First Assembly of God organized this giveaway at the elementary school. She hopes this builds a sense of community for that part of Wayne County.

"This is part of a new imitative called 'Loving Greene Dreher' and it is an outreach into our community to build up our schools, fire company, the police department -- anywhere where we can make the community safer and stronger for everybody," said Weber.

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