Drivers Are Sick of the Dark, Damp, Dreary Weather

FREELAND, Pa. -- It was a slick ride for anyone making their way around Freeland on this dark, damp Friday night.

However, Sorrento’s Pizza delivery man Josh Fulk can’t be saucy about the wet weather.

He just has to be careful behind the wheel.

“It's always foggy up on the mountain so you got to watch and the paving here isn't the greatest so you got to watch out for potholes and it's extra hard to see,” Fulk said.

The delivery calls poured in as the rain poured outside.

“Friday is always busy and then people don't want to go out, so it's extra busy with the rain,” Fulk said.

While a rainy Friday night is great for business at Sorrento’s, it’s not so great for people on the roads.

“I was up above Scranton earlier today and there was actually some snow, there was some sleet,” Jeff Palerino of Schuylkill Haven said.

“I just think when is the rain going to stop? I feel like I live in London,” Sheila Stanton of Scranton said.

We found people in McAdoo sick of dreary driving in these downpours.

“Terrible. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain,” Sherri Zehner of McAdoo said.

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