Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized After Fracturing Ribs in Fall

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractured three ribs after falling in her Supreme Court office Wednesday night, the Supreme Court said in a statement.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractured three ribs after falling in her Supreme Court office Wednesday night, the Supreme Court said in a statement.

According to the statement, Ginsburg, 85, experienced discomfort after going home following the fall and was admitted to George Washington University Thursday morning for observation and treatment.

As one of the court’s older members, Ginsburg’s health has become the subject of much attention in recent years.

In November 2014, she underwent a heart procedure to have a stent placed in her right coronary artery, and in 2009, she was treated for early stages of pancreatic cancer.

In 1999, just six years after being sworn in as an associate justice, Ginsburg successfully underwent surgery to treat colon cancer.

Ginsburg, who has served on the high court since 1993, is an icon among progressives.


  • Fredric Underhill

    The Constitution is the law, despite Ginsberg’s decisions. There is a lot of pressure for her to retire or be deemed incompetent (legal equivalent of a babbling idiot) with would damage every decision in every court everywhere.

    She wanted to stay to dictate her personal agenda. She sleeps during oral arguments by lawyers and deliberations and State if the Union addresses by Obama. Okay, sleep through an Obama address .. No problem.

    Reports say she fell yesterday in her office cracking three ribs. That’s painful. Supposed her support staff which pushes her wheelchair didn’t notice it!

    She is in G. W. Hospital in a secured situation. Now is a good time to “spend more time with her great, great grandchildren.”

    Fair winds and following seas …,…

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    She took an oath to uphold The Constitution and several years later said The Constitution was outdated. She can’t go fast enough as far as I’m concerned.

    • Bobby Jackson

      This is a woman that has gained great wealth by sucking, stealing life from citizens. No political parasites is a good person. They have enslaved us, our children and every generation not yet born with debt slavery while working hard with the social engineers so the people (majority) have 0 clue. They even make ya think you have a choice, the voting scam….. the suggestion box of slaves.

  • Bobby Jackson

    A political parasite fell and this is news worthy? Who cares if she was eaten by a bear…. this is so ridiculous!!

    • jimbrony

      The Republicans need to find a bi-racial gender-fluid person that #walkedaway for their next SC appointee. The Dems collective heads will explode when they try to smear them during confirmation.

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