Minersville Little League Treasurer Accused of Stealing $50K

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MINERSVILLE, Pa. -- The treasurer of a Little League in Schuylkill County has been charged with stealing $50,000 from the organization during a three-year time period.

This part of Pennsylvania has a proud history when it comes to Little League Baseball. Every August, hundreds of thousands of fans descend upon Williamsport for the Little League World Series.

But the feeling around the Minersville Little League has turned into a sense of betrayal after one of their own was allegedly caught stealing money from the organization.

"It's pretty disappointing. I thought more would come from our community," said Minersville resident Ethan Bulino.

According to police, Robert Smith, who served as treasurer of the Minersville Little League, has been charged with stealing more than $50,000 from the organization. Investigators say Smith used that money to pay for concert tickets, vacations, tickets to sporting events, hotels, alcohol, and more.

"These are organizations that are here for the youth of the community and when someone of the adult status does something that is detrimental right across the board, it's disappointing," said Mark Mahal.

According to police, Smith stole the money over a three-year span from March of 2015 to September of this year. He had access to the Little League's credit card, which he used for illegal purchases.

"It's just a shame. This town and this community has a lot to offer, and the people here need to be taken care of. It's a good old boy system. People get put in place, then they abuse the power," Dorothy Dohner said.

"It's disappointing. I just think it's a cruel and rotten thing to do to a bunch of kids," said David Carroll.

In a statement, Minersville Little League said:

"As most of you are already aware, our former treasurer has been arrested and charged with stealing from our Little League. We are shocked and very disappointed that this happened."


  • Timothy Alden

    Now if THE JUSTICE SYSTEM WILL ENFORCE PAYBACK WITH INTEREST,could turn into a positive situation for the kids.Should be DOUBLE,,$$$$…When I was a kid,some of us didnt even have matching uniforms,lol,..they were used as well,have team picture to show.lol.Kids will be ok,make them tough.We loved the sport,and our caps
    matched.State owned business,no prisoner should set with idle hand.

  • George Lamprinos

    Here we go again. Once again, no audits. No GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principals) in use. Only one signature required to write checks or disburse funds. No rotation of duties. Oh but we’re a little mom-and-pop organization. Robert is a good guy. We trust him. He takes care of our money! No. No he doesn’t. And if you’d have audited the books you’d have seen that. THREE years. Stole $16,000 a year and no one noticed. It doesn’t take a CPA to audit the books for a little league team either. Sorry but the little league team bears some responsibility here. I really wish WNEP would do an article on the importance of GAAP.

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