‘Meat Taxes’ Would Save Many Lives and Cut Health Care Costs, Study Says

One of the team from Coulter Farms of Honey Grove, Pennsylvania, grills certified organic hamburgers and sausages, even the cheese is organic, for sale at an outdoor Farmer's Market August 15, 2013, in Washington, DC. AFP Photo/Paul J. Richards / AFP PHOTO / Paul J. Richards (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

It would drive up the price of your barbecue but a global “meat tax” could save 220,000 lives and cut health care bills by $41 billion each year, according to a new study.

The numbers are based on evidence that links meat consumption to increased risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.

Three years ago, the World Health Organization declared red meat such as beef, lamb and pork to be carcinogenic when eaten in processed forms, including sausages, bacon and beef jerky.

Health officials have also declared that unprocessed red meat like steak and burgers are “probably” carcinogenic. Other carcinogens such as cigarettes and alcohol are regulated in order to reduce cases of chronic disease.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Marco Springmann, from the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University, estimated the rate of tax that would be necessary to offset health care costs related to red meat consumption.

“The least intrusive form of regulation is a tax to raise prices and reduce consumption,” Springmann told CNN.

Researchers concluded that the UK government should introduce a tax of 79% on processed meat such as bacon, and 14% on unprocessed meat such as steak.

In the US these numbers would be 163% and 34% respectively. “The tax is higher in the US due to an inefficient health system that wastes a lot of money,” said Springmann.

They also calculated the projected impact of a so-called meat tax on death rates due to chronic disease. With reduced consumption of red meat, the study, published on November 6, claims there would be 220,000 fewer deaths from chronic disease per year around the world. Of that total, 6,000 deaths would be avoided in the UK and 53,000 in the US.

Global savings on health care would reach $41 billion, according to the report, which was published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE. The UK would save $1 billion per year, while the US would reduce spending by $20 billion.

The benefits of reducing red meat consumption also go beyond reducing rates of disease and health care costs.

“Consuming red and processed meat not only affects your health but also the economy at large,” said Springmann, citing decreased productivity due to illness and care for family members who suffer with chronic disease.

Regular consumption of processed meat has also been linked to a 9% higher risk of breast cancer, according to an analysis of various scientific studies that was published in October.

In fact, eating any ultra-processed food can increase the risk of cancer, obesity and diabetes, according to other research. That includes anything made with artificial flavors, additives and emulsifiers, or high levels of sugar and salt.

Governments around the world have already shown a willingness to tax products that have been linked with health problems, including cigarettes, alcohol and sugar.

The UK government announced a new tax on sugary drinks in 2016 in an attempt to cut consumption, and more than 50% of manufacturers have reduced the amount of sugar in their drinks to avoid the levy which came into effect in April.


  • Dave Card

    screw them, sugar, carbs, hell the wrong water causes cancer, reading this kind of bullshite gives you cancer. breathing gives you cancer. We’re not part of the One World Globe yet, keep their stupid ideas outta here.

  • straubdavid9

    Just grow your own animals, or hunt where you can …… the only bad stuff in your animals will be stuff you put in them. One wonders how we ever evolved based on the BS fed us theses day? There are extremely healthy people that are on a “diet of meat” almost exclusively. Go figure huh.

  • Robert E. Stayrook

    Good thing the Revolutionary War ended British rule over the United States. so the UK can go fuk themselves. go out have a pig roast drink and be merry.

    • ozzycoop

      Will there are already municipalities in America that tax sugary drinks like soda and juice. Philadelphia is one of them. They got the idea from Berkley who got the idea from the UK. So your ignorant mouth was saying what?

  • Michael Berol

    There is only so much we Americans will tolerate when foreign powers tell us how to live. Tax me into doing things their way? I don’t think so! The sooner the USA withdraws from all these organizations, such as the UN and the WHO the happier I will be. Advise to all those busybodies who believe Americans needs outsiders telling us what to do- forget it, we don’t listen, America was started by those who did not like others saying, “do as we tell you”. We haven’t changed! We won’t change!!

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Who makes such twisted claims that “taxes” will benefit anything but the corrupt govt that thinks “new” taxes are the solution , especially something as stupid as basic food people need , Lets tax caffeine drinks by their content ( if you buy Starbucks you might as well pay more in taxes too . }

  • Downwiththeagenda

    How about taxing things like soda and twinkies. You know, the real things that are causing the health problem in this country. Oh wait, never mind. That would make too much sense.

  • Lisa Marshinski

    Agenda 21…..destroy and control this country. It’s happening all around us. Look up the actual Agenda 21, not on bias Wikipedia

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