Dive Crews Look for Cell Phone Evidence in State Park Lake

TOBYHANNA STATE PARK, Pa. -- In chilly lake water at Tobyhanna State Park, a dive team from New Jersey went searching for disposable cell phones believed to be used to make fake bomb threats against the Monroe County courthouse.

"We are looking at basically two phones. Two of the calls came from this location on October 1 and yesterday's call both came from the beach here," said Brian Webbe of the Monroe County District Attorney's Office.

Authorities say Jesus Castrodad and Collen Kasdaglis, both of Scotrun, admitted to making bomb threat calls from July to November. Some of the calls were made on days Castrodad had court appearances.

After the pair were arrested, detectives say Kasdaglis admitted to breaking one of the cell phones and told police where she threw it. The dive teams used that information to help locate the phones.

"The biggest thing for us is reliable scene evidence (such as) where somebody saw someone throw something," said Rick Pullen, Berkeley Township Underwater Search and Rescue.

It took divers only minutes to find half of a phone and battery believed to have been used to make a call in October.

The parts were tightly sealed in containers and handed over to Monroe County detectives.

"We've found items in as little as the time it took us to get into the water, and we've also conducted searches that take months at a time. It depends on water clarity, where the evidence is," Pullen explained.

Detectives say dive crews are still looking for the other half of the phone that was used in October as well as the phone that was used to make Wednesday's bomb threat.

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