Community Concerned over District’s Plan to Arm Teachers

TAMAQUA, Pa. -- Concerned parents, teachers, and students came before the Tamaqua Area School Board Wednesday night to show their opposition to a controversial move by the board.

In September, the board adopted a policy that would allow staff to carry guns in school in response to the school shootings happening across the country.

“We recognize that there is a need for protection, but we do not think that arming the staff is the answer to this problem,” said sophomore Paige Pratt.

“Statistics show that adding guns to schools increases the chances of an accidental shooting,” said parent Aimee Dotson.

Calling themselves the Tamaqua Citizens for Safe Schools, these folks were invited by the board's safety and security committee to make their argument against the decision and also offer alternative ideas to increase safety.

“We would like to see that when you come into the building, you would need to show photo ID to get into the building,” said parent Karen Tharp.

“We believe that adding metal detectors and officers who are trained to handle situations like this would be more effective,” said sophomore Madelyn Jones.

The board also had the Ohio-based nonprofit company that provides firearms training to school staff explain its process.

“The FASTER (Faculty Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response) Saves Lives program, what started as a three-and-a-half day training program is now a three-year-long curriculum,” said Joe Eaton with the Buckeye Firearms Foundation.

While there is strong opposition to having armed school staff, there were some at the meeting who say they support it.

“If they get the training that this gentleman would provide, I would be very upset if they didn't have that ability to defend the kids in this school, some of which might be my grandchildren,” said Ted Bogos.

The superintendent says due to the lengthy training time, staff isn't going to be carrying weapons anytime soon. He says the board approved the policy as a potential security option for the future.

“I think the board is open minded to listing to what the people have to say as possible alternatives,” said Superintendent Raymond Kinder.

No action was taken at the meeting to rescind the firearm policy, but if and when staff members could be carrying guns in the Tamaqua Area School District is still to be determined.


  • Bob Stevens

    They always want to do defensive things that wont stop someone bent of killing… you know what stops a bad guy, a bullet from a good guys gun.

  • Lisa Marshinski

    The best protection against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. People who don’t know anything about guns will always be afraid of that word. Accidentally go off? There are ALWAYS possibilities of accidents, just look at the inexperienced drivers in those 3500lb weapons on the road. Knowing there ARE armed people in that building, is THE best deterrent for the deranged who want fame and glory

  • Downwiththeagenda

    I wonder, would these kids be just as willing to give up their drivers license, seeing how more and more people are dying/getting seriously injured due to their reckless driving. Doubt it.

    • jimbrony

      Yup. Statistics show that the more you drive, the more chances are that you’ll be involved in an accident. Statistics also show that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns. Metal detectors and ‘resource officers’ are feel-good measures. Ask the kids in Broward County how they feel about their ‘resource officer’. Wait – you can’t…

      • Lisa Marshinski

        172 people died in school shootings 1999-2018 (which is horrible, not devaluing these numbers at all). Nearly 3,000 teen drivers (aged 16-19) died in 2016 alone.

      • jimbrony

        Good point. Yet how many marches do we see to keep teens safer behind the wheel? How many kids walk out of school to let people know that several thousand deaths in one year are not acceptable. ‘But we need cars’ they’ll say. No you don’t. The Amish get along just fine without them. And there’s always the bus and other forms of public transportation.

    • Bob Stevens

      Guns are a right, cars are not. Hmmm we have laws that BAN you from using you cell phone in the car, yet all the time, specially teens, still do. What the law doesn’t stop them?
      They don’t understand the value of firearms and the real reason behind why America has so many guns. 2nd protects the rest of the bill of rights

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