New Cigar Store Opens in Orwigsburg

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ORWIGSBURG, Pa. -- Cigar lovers in part of Schuylkill County have a new place to go. The Cigar Box opened a new location in Orwigsburg.

Many people from the Orwigsburg area may know the building as a former Subway restaurant, but the scent inside is just a bit different.

"It smells a lot better, apparently. There was an onion smell, but everybody seems to think the smell from the tobacco is much, much better."

The scent of onions or tobacco, you take your pick. The Cigar Box opened a new location on the 700 block of West Market Street last week.

This local business has been around since the late-1990s and has several locations in our area. Now, smokers in this part of Schuylkill County have a new place to buy tobacco products that is much closer to home.

"It's a nice town, great people. We have a customer base from Orwigsburg at our store at the Coal Creek Commerce Center in Saint Clair. People are great and they're very supportive of local businesses and I see a lot of that in this town," said co-owner Michael Barletta.

All of the cigar aficionados out there can simply walk into the store, come into the humidor where there are more than 100 brands of cigars, then walk just a few steps to a wide-open cigar lounge, where people can sit down, relax, and enjoy a smoke.

"Because of the increasing regulations with the inability to sit down many places and enjoy a cigar, it's a big focus of ours in our business. We want to be able to offer that lifestyle. If we're promoting the premium cigars, we want to have you guys to have a spot to come out, hang out, and enjoy," Barletta said.

There are also vaping supplies available at The Cigar Box.

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