High Voter Turnout at Luzerne County Polling Place

KINGSTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Workers at one polling place in Luzerne County say this is the busiest midterm election they've ever seen.

The parking lot at Trucksville United Methodist Church in the Back Mountain of Luzerne County was so packed that cars lined the streets. Earlier in the day, voters had to wait for more than an hour to go in to vote.

"It's good to see Americans being responsible, so I find it very encouraging," said John Murray of Trucksville.

The church is a polling location with more than 3,000 people registered to vote there. Inside, voters lined the hallways, some of them having to wait more than an hour to vote.

"Only an hour. I would stay five hours if I had to," Harry Kaskey said.

Poll workers in this part of Kingston Township say this is the busiest midterm election they can remember. They say it reminds them of the 2016 Presidential election.

"Little bit more busier than 2016," Kaskey said. "I was here in the afternoon and it stays this way all day."

The voters we spoke with didn't seem to mind the long line.

"Patience is an excellent thing. It's an excellent virtue. In patience, you possess your soul. That's what Jesus says," said Murray.

And they were not at all surprised to see how busy the polls were.

"Do you watch television? That's why everyone's turning out for this midterm election, to make sure everybody's got a vote and make sure everybody's treated the same," Kaskey said.

"We need to come back to God and humble ourselves and have morals again and establish marriage again and reestablish prayer and all of those things that make America great," Murray added.

In the first five hours of the polls being open, only about 20 percent of the ward had voted.

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