Helping Folks Get to the Polls

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A nonprofit in Scranton offered free rides to voting places to make sure everyone who wanted to cast a ballot had a chance to do so.

For some voters, getting in a car and traveling to a polling station is not as easy as picking up the keys and going. That's where the United Neighborhood Centers stepped in, giving free rides to voters in Lackawanna County.

Noreen Carol of Scranton has never missed an election and a little bit of rain wasn't going to stop her today thanks, in part, to the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania's car service.

Officials with the United Neighborhood Centers say the phones have been busy since they got to the office Tuesday morning. They wanted to make sure voters' voices were heard.

One of those drivers we caught up with was Lisa Wilson as she made rounds throughout Scranton.

"We want to make sure that people do not have barriers to sharing their voice, and if it is easy as getting someone in a car and taking them to a voting place, then we are happy to do that," Wilson said.

The nonprofit organization offered free rides for voters starting back in 2016 and the drivers were back at it again this election.

Without the ride, Dominic and Treat Larusso would not have been able to cast their ballot.

"I have never missed an election. Even when I was away for work, I would have sent in my absentee ballot, so we were trying to figure out some way to get here and I am so glad they were able to come out and get us," Treat Larusso said.

"It was nice because I do not have a car right now and I probably would not have gotten here to vote if I did not have this opportunity," Dominic Larusso added.

United Neighborhood Centers continued to take voters to the polling station and back home throughout Lackawanna County.

Dominic says no matter how you get there, you should exercise your right to vote.

"It is very big right now with what is going on with both political sides that everyone who is registered should get out and vote."

The United Neighborhood Centers stopped picking up voters at 5 p.m.

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