Gov. Wolf Wins Reelection

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YORK, Pa. -- Gov. Tom Wolf has been reelected to a second term, defeating Republican challenger Scott Wagner.

Wolf thanked his supporters and his family at his Election Night headquarters in York.

"I owe you everything. You did everything to make this possible," Wolf said to his supporters. "You made calls. You got people out to vote. You canvassed. You actually voted, and by voting, you did some really amazing things. And what you did was, I think, make a great future for Pennsylvania."

Wolf says the people who voted for him voted for education, health care, and a stronger economy. He said by voting for him, people stood by honesty, integrity, and rights for everyone.

Wolf, the Democratic incumbent, was born and raised in York County.

Wolf took over the family business, The Wolf Organization, and turned it into a highly-profitable manufacturer of cabinets, selling the company in 2006.

Wolf served as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Revenue during the Rendell Administration (2007-08).

He bought The Wolf Organization when it faced bankruptcy in 2010 and served as chairman until he announced he intended to run for governor.

Wolf defeated incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett in 2014.


  • Daryl Fisher

    “We all get the government we deserve” If you make a limburger cheese sandwich, don’t be surprised that it tastes like limburger cheese.

  • Bob Stevens

    “voted for him voted for education, health care, and a stronger economy.”
    What a joke. Education is crap with public schools, healthcare costs through the roof from Obamacare and he wants to tax the gas industry more which will crush the economy. Herp derp more taxes!
    Need to vote Dem scum out! But nope, once again the big brainwashed cities get to walk all over the red counties. Look at the voting map, looked a lot like 2016. Disgrace that people still vote for anti-American scum.

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