Bomb Threats at Two Buildings in Scranton

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Two bomb threats were called into two buildings Tuesday morning in Scranton.

City officials say one of the two threats was at the former Globe store.

County sheriff cars were outside the old Globe store on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton after a bomb threat was made through the county 911 center.

Lackawanna County officials say the building, now the Lackawanna County Government Center, which is still under construction, had to be evacuated.

Another threat was called into the Lenehan and Dempsey building on North Washington Avenue.

"I am standing around with the union workers and their bosses because they are losing a day of work. They can't leave and go home because all their stuff is in the building," said county director of community relations Jim Rodway. "They're just still in the middle of construction. We're wrapping certain floors up, finishing them off, so, you know, I don't get the correlation."

Both buildings were cleared and workers were allowed back inside.

The Lackawanna County Sheriff's Office says this is still under investigation.


  • straubdavid9

    This BS needs to stop, and the only way to do that is to take the penalties to a new level …… one that will send a message that even the most ignorant POS will clearly understand.

    • Don Shaw

      When I worked for a county crisis center all we had to do is call the police and they could track someone down literally even on burner phones and that was the mid-2000’s. I really don’t get how this is going on in Monroe County so much and now this.

      Come on let’s get these person or people in cuffs.

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