Voters in Pottsville Excited to Cast Their Ballots

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- On the night before the midterm elections, one topic was on everyone’s table at Wheel in Pottsville.

“I just say it's important to get out. Go vote. Don't complain. Just do it,” Stacy Murphy said.

Midterm elections don’t usually draw this much attention from voters, but this time around, people said there’s a lot at stake.

“A lot of people know that this is a very important election. That's the feeling I'm getting, and I haven't really seen that in a long time,” Murphy said.

People said what's driving them to the polls are issues like the opioid crisis and jobs.

“Normally in the midterms you don't see a lot of enthusiasm, but now with all the bipolarization and everything that we have it is a lot more enthusiastic,” James Delacruz said.

Another driving force to the polls is that polarization between parties.

“We're staunch Democrats, so we really want to change this. We want them to get more power, do more things, help more people,” Murphy said.

Other people, like Andrew Peters are relatively undecided.

“I'm pretty drawn. My family is pretty hard right, but I'm a union steamfitter at a local shop, and we typically back the Democrat party,” Peters said.

Even first time voters are ready. Roger Wehbe owns the Meteorite Store in downtown Pottsville and said he has seen a lot of excitement from 18 year olds.

“I haven't seen that much motivation from that age group until recently,” Wehbe said.

Polls open Tuesday at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

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