Republican Candidates Stump in Democratic-heavy Lackawanna County on Election Eve

OLD FORGE, Pa. -- Polls in Pennsylvania open at 7 a.m. Tuesday. In Lackawanna County on the eve of Election Day, several candidates were out stumping for those last-minute voters.

Republicans were putting on a strong front in a county with more registered Democrats. Before a packed room at Arcaro and Genell's restaurant in Old Forge, supporters of Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta rallied.

“We'll see you tomorrow night when we have the upset of the country right here in Pennsylvania. Thank you and God bless you!” said Barletta from a podium with his family by his side.

Barletta and fellow Republican candidate John Chrin, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives, held this campaign event to get voters fired up to head to the polls.

“Whether we want to keep going with one of the best economies that we can remember, whether we want to continue fighting the problems of illegal immigration and security our borders,” said Barletta.

Barletta is looking to unseat Democratic incumbent Bob Casey for his seat in the U.S. Senate.

Chrin is looking to take U.S. Congressman Matt Cartwright's place in the newly drawn 8th District.

Cartwright was also out stumping for votes just down the street from Barletta and Chrin's event.

“I want to continue to fight for social security and Medicare and protect people who have preexisting conditions from being knocked off their health insurance,” said Cartwright.

Another Republican candidate looking to beat a Democratic incumbent is Scott Wagner, who stopped by Chick's Diner in Scranton.

He's hoping to take the governor's office from Tom Wolf.

“I’m going to eliminate school taxes on your home, and I'm dead serious,” said Wagner. “And people need, especially up here, as I go around Lackawanna and Luzerne, people need relief.”

Regardless of what party line they fell into, both the candidates and voters say this midterm election is an extremely important one.

“It's probably the most important election we've had in the last 20 years,” said Republican voter Dave Koehler from Clarks Summit. “We want to support Trump, and we want him to continue his agenda.”

“I trust in the Pennsylvanian people to go through and figure out who's the best candidate. This has been an issues-based election,” said Chrin.

Governor Wolf's office said the governor was campaigning in Philadelphia Monday.

We did not hear back from Senator Casey's office, but we were told earlier that the senator plans to be in Scranton to vote Tuesday morning.


  • Da Goim

    lou-ser!! The best outcome is that this jabronie didn’t make it. Drumph helped you right out of your seat. lol.

  • My Left Foot

    When you have to protect children from listening to or reading comments (name calling, divisive) from the president……isn’t there something wrong ?

    • jimbrony

      When you have to protect children from listening to or reading comments (name calling, divisive) ABOUT the President……isn’t there something wrong ?

    • J C

      No offense, but I honestly don’t see that problem absolved when Republicans take office. I mean at least Democrats seek to allocate our tax dollars toward things that benefit the people, whereas Republicans just want to funnel every penny into “military spending” (i.e. lining the pockets of the wealthy billionaires who own stock in arms manufacturing, etc) . Also consider what happened at the national level with the Trump tax scam, – massive cuts for billionaires that will bankrupt medicare and social security for the working class. We all pay taxes. Shouldn’t the benefits of our tax dollars be something tangible for the majority of the people who live in this country rather than being taken out of our hands and given to people who are only looking to purchase a second yacht? I don’t think either party is perfect, but damn, after the last election cycle resulted in this delusional lunatic leading America to ruin, people better be waking up to the importance of staying informed and remaining politically active.

      • jimbrony

        Are we talking about the same Democrats that just voted to approve a $716 BILLION military spending bill? (FORBES) You lost any and all credibility with me with your ‘delusional lunatic’ comment. Do your homework and respect the office.

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