Red Sand Project Brings Human Trafficking to Light

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Students at Penn State Wilkes-Barre participated in the "Red Sand Project" on Monday, spreading awareness of human trafficking. It's a demonstration that has been done all around the world.

At first glance, the red lines look like graffiti on the sidewalks of Penn State Wilkes-Barre's campus. A closer look reveals a deeper meaning.

"We put red sand in the cracks outside and it is to bring awareness to the people who are forgotten who have fallen through the cracks," explained student Alexia Herring.

It's called the Red Sand Project. The goal is to raise awareness of human trafficking.

"Most people don't recognize that we do have human trafficking here in the U.S. and also here in northeast Pennsylvania, as well," said instructor Suzanne Beck.

The Red Sand Project was started by an artist in New York. The sand is made out of natural and nontoxic materials.

"It is known as the hidden crime, and if people don't see it, they're not aware of it, and so that is what's done with the red sand because you will see it and it will raise awareness when you step over that crack in the sidewalk. Hopefully, people will say, 'What's that about?'"

The Red Sand Project has been done in countries all over the world and in all 50 states in the U.S.

Even in the rainy weather, the students were thankful for the opportunity to spread the message.

"Both happy and sad, just for that fact that we shouldn't have to be doing this to raise awareness. It should be something that is brought to light and people are aware of, but if this is something that's going to bring awareness, I'll be glad to be out filling it rain or sun," said student Brandon Laverne.

The campus has also invited experts who specialize in human trafficking issues to speak at a seminar on campus on Wednesday.


  • Sue Phillips

    Ok so they will step or red cracks in the sidewalk and wonder what it is about….. which they still will not know unless they are on campus or seen a new story about it? I realize there is a problem but there has to be a better way to tell people about it.

  • Inner Krsna

    Ugh, these humans and their “movements” and their “bringing awareness to” inactions.

    Spare me.

    Go find the people and help them, stop vandalizing the sidewalks and confusing that with taking action.

    • Bob Stevens

      Maybe they can change their FB profile pics and pray too?

      Or better yet vote out the leftist dems who promote illegal immigration, pedos and trans. Keep an eye out for pedo priests and wacked out libs

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