Herrick Township Bouncing Back from Fire

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HERRICK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Three months after flames wiped out a municipal building in Susquehanna County, the township is taking steps to get back to 100 percent.

It was a big blow to Herrick Township back at the end of July when that fire leveled the municipal building that stored plows and other township equipment.

Now, there's a temporary building and some new vehicles, and by spring, construction is expected to start on a new building.

There have been a lot of changes where the Herrick Township municipal building once stood. Heavy machinery is being used, and new trucks and machines stand in the same spot that went up in flames in late July.

The fire wrecked the decades-old municipal building and all the equipment inside, leaving the township wondering what was next.

"Wiped out, it was just wiped out," said township supervisor Brian Zembrzycki. "Trying to get back on our feet, one day at a time and we're moving forward."

Zembrzycki and plenty of helpers have seen to getting this property to where it is today, complete with storage units and a temporary building for offices and other needs.

Neighbors are hopeful the township returns to full strength soon.

"I can't wait for these guys to get back up and running fully. Winter's here, and they got nothing to work with, basically, a couple of trucks, a backhoe and that's it," said resident Robert Lee.

Ever since that devastating fire at the Herrick Township building, the township has held its monthly meetings at the Herrick Center Baptist Church. Voting which was held at the destroyed township building is also going to be held there on Election Day.

For now, Herrick Township will be piecing things back together one thing at a time and hope to be back to normal sometime next year.

"We're looking at architects to get a building started so we can get started in the springtime to get a new building up. (It's) too late in the season to try to do anything," Zembrzycki added.

Township supervisors plan to decide which architect to task with designing a new building or buildings. Leaders say insurance is paying for much of the temporary facilities but the new building will likely have to come partly from the township's coffers.

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