Former Vice President Biden Makes Final Pitch for Democrats

YATESVILLE, Pa. -- A crowd of Democratic supporters roared with support as former Vice President Joe Biden took the stage inside Pittston Area Senior High School Sunday night.

Biden is a Scranton native and came to Luzerne County to support Democratic candidates Sen. Bob Casey and Rep. Matt Cartwright as both run for reelection in a state that went Republican in the 2016 presidential election.

The lobby of the high school auditorium was packed with supporters for the Democratic candidates. They are hoping this campaign stop is what Luzerne County needs to keep Casey and Cartwright in office.

"We kind of fell down on the job a couple years ago, didn't we? But we're not going to do that this week, are we?" Cartwright said to the crowd, which shouted back no.

"Democrats choose hope over fear. Democrats choose unity over division, and mostly importantly, we choose truth over lies," Biden said.

Before Biden took the stage, each candidate spoke about issues that hit home for people in this crowd.

"I'm a retired union ironworker, and I believe that the Democrats support the union," said Joe Walsh of West Pittston.

"Civil rights, voting rights, Social Security and Medicare, and how we need to protect them now and protect the people that need our help," said Janet Shaw of Lake Winola.

Supporters hope former Biden's appearance will add excitement leading up to the hotly-contested midterm elections this week.

"He was wonderful and inspirational, and I just want to tell everyone to please go out and vote," Tish Last of Wilkes-Barre said.

"He's certainly a native son of northeastern Pennsylvania, but also someone who always spent his life fighting for the working family. I think he's the perfect person to get Democrats, Independents, and hopefully some Republicans fired up to vote on Tuesday," said CJ Kersey of Kingston.

People who came out say this rally has inspired them to call up their friends and family to get out and vote on Tuesday.


  • John Graber

    Are you kidding me? If you can’t see how bad the democrats are in last several years you must have been living on another planet. I am voting REPUBLICAN.

  • nepaloner

    John Chrin is the type of guy you just want punch him in the face. I don’t know why but he seems a punch able guy

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      He’s ‘protecting’ Pennsylvania steel workers too. LMAO All Sleepy’s doing is riding on Trump’s coattails. The guy is a waste of flesh.

  • My Left Foot

    After all the screaming is over…. bottom line = When one party controls all the power ( currently Republicans) it is not healthy for the country….. we need a check and balance to force compromises and limit corruption.

    • Matthew Bower

      We need same people in power to get things done. Have to have faith in trump to veto any bs they try forcing through.

    • jimbrony

      Force compromises. That’s a good one. For a minute there I thought you really cared about our country. OK, maybe it wasn’t a minute. Maybe 2 seconds.

    • Mark Thepoll

      ” force compromises”. Not much of a compromise when force is used against you. How very socialist of you.

  • Jack Irvin

    After Obama, and Hillary I will never vote for another democrat again, ashamed of my life long party that has become a communist/socialist party that puts illegal invaders before tax paying Americans and has continually undermined our president. A vile, violent party

    • ozzycoop

      Give us some proof of which you speak. Actual hard facts from a credible source. I’m guessing you just parrot what Hannity tells you to.

  • jimbrony

    Remember folks, vote Democratic on Tuesday if you want open borders for rapists and drug dealers, more freebies for people that don’t work (not ‘can’t’ work), more restrictions on your first and second amendments, more dead babies, more perverted lifestyle acceptances, more anarchy and antifa in the streets, etc, etc. Vote like the decency of your country depends on it, because it does.

    • ozzycoop

      Waaaaait a second. You would accuse someone else of corruption when your type put Don the Con in office? There is no question Donny is messed up in stuff but you would call others out? Guess you have had your pu$$y grabbed pretty hard.

      • jimbrony

        The good people of these United States put Donald Trump in as President, just like they did for Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. The system works when your guy gets elected but it’s broken when he doesn’t?

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Remember “Kids For Cash”? They were ALL DEMOCRATS behind that travesty. Every last one of them. Only scumbags vote for democrats.

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