Armed Robbery Arrest in Hazleton

HAZLETON, Pa. -- A man is facing armed robbery charges after a hold up in Hazleton.

Police say Ervin Jimenez-Rodriguez, 18, robbed a man at gunpoint just after midnight in the area of 3rd and Alter streets in the city.

Jimenez-Rodriguez is locked up in Luzerne County.


  • lickerblisters

    Mr. Rodriguez was only here doing a job that you and I refuse to do. Isn’t that right Democrats? Hopefully he’s left us with a couple two three anchor babies to raise while he rots in prison! PATHETIC POS!

    • donamick

      I am of Italian decent. My Grandparents came to this country (and im quite sure most folks can tell the same tail) and people like you did and said the same shit you KEEP saying and i am insulted you are even an American and in this country! You belong somewhere that suits your mood-like russia or some other dictator country such as Africa, with ignoramus fledglings such as yourself. Douche.

      • jimbrony

        Chances are Dom your grandparents came here legally and wanted to make a better life for themselves. They worked to support their family, contributed to the neighborhood, and tried to install those values in their children. Quite the opposite with most of these people in Hazleton.

      • mickmars

        Here’s the slight difference. When your grandparents (and mine) came over, they took the same nonsense you speak of, which truly sucks. (Now pay attention,here comes that difference). Instead of milking the system,as they screamed about the “unfairness” of their situation while taking advantage of all said system has to offer,and while robbing and stealing and creating general chaos,our ancestors dug in,went and got ass busting jobs for paupers wages,learned the native language (instead of expecting the hundreds of millions of people here to learn theirs), started families and became productive members of society.

        PS, here’s my inner douche coming out, I’ll save you the trouble. Africa is a continent (there’s 7 of them, you can look it up), and a “tale” is a story, while a “tail” is what a dog wags when you feed or pet him.

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