Vets Boogie with Students at Early Veterans Day Party

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MOUNTAIN TOP, Pa. -- Service members in Mountain Top were serving some serious moves with sixth graders from the Crestwood School district at an early Veterans Day party.

“Sometimes I can't help it! If I hear a beat that hits me, I got to get up and dance,” Navy veteran Ronald Sallard said.

The sixth graders want to thank the veterans in a warm way.

“Our teacher, Miss Finn, she said that the veterans love socks so we did a sock drive. Our goal was 100 and we actually got 700,” sixth grader Owen Weyhenmeyer said.

Kids packed up goodie bags for each of the veterans, full of socks, candy, and most importantly, a thank you note.

“It makes me feel really good because when we came back from Vietnam, we didn't get a thank you,” Army veteran Anthony James said.

“People don't really realize what they went through and what they did and I'm very thankful for that,” Weyhenmeyer said.

Ten kids from Rice Elementary and Fairview Elementary got to hand-deliver the gifts at the vet post in Mountain Top. However, lots of students from both schools spent time putting the gifts together.

“These are things I can't teach them. They need to learn and see on their own and then they're going to take it back to their classmates and tell them all about it,” Rice elementary school teacher Keelin Finn said.

Students and veterans said it’s a memory that will stick with them.

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