16 To The Rescue: Maverick

Maverick is a 2-year-old tuxedo cat at the Animal Resource Center of Bloomsburg. He came in as a kitten.

"So why is he still here after two years? He does have a seizure disorder. It doesn't seem to affect him other than the fact that he has to have half a pill twice a day. He takes it better than any cat that I have met in my life," said Brenda Beagle, ARC cat caretaker.

The medicine isn't expensive -- around $5 a bottle.

Maverick is a gentle boy who's fond of people and other animals.

"He is sweet and loving and fearless. He's a perfect cat. He gets along great with other cats."

He gets along great with dogs, especially big dogs. He even enjoys going for leisurely strolls.

"He adjusts very easily to any situation that we put him in. We're even putting a harness on him and taking him outside for walks at this point," Beagle said.

In fact, the great outdoors is his favorite place to be.

"He can be very playful, he greets all the new people that come by. He loves to run back and forth on this porch. The porch is his favorite place. He loves to sit outside."

Workers hope that someone will look past his minor medical issue and bring him home.

"He's been a mainstay here for a long time now but we're here to get them adopted out," Beagle said. "We're going to cry when he goes but they're going to be happy tears. We really want to find him a great home and I think he would be able to adjust to any home that we would put him in."

If you're interested in adopting Maverick, contact the Animal Resource Center here.

Click here for additional resources for pet adoption.

If you are a shelter or rescue that has an animal you would like featured on 16 To The Rescue, you can email Kerry Brazen at 16Rescue@wnep.com

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