Looking for Help for Izzy

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BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- A four-year-old pug was found malnourished and deformed near Bloomsburg over the weekend.

The Animal Resource Center is raising money for the dog's medical needs.

According to the shelter's director, the dog belonged to a man who recently died in the Bloomsburg area. The man's family did not know about the dog and found her over the weekend when they were cleaning up his trailer. The dog was found malnourished with back legs that are deformed.

It almost seems like she doesn't even know she's sick. But looking at Izzy's curved spine and back legs the pug's deformity is hard to miss.

"It looks like somebody took off the bottom portion of her leg, turned it 45 degrees towards the other one, and reattached it, so it's hard for her to move at all because her back legs get twisted together," said Mary Sult of the Animal Resource Center.

Izzy was brought to Animal Resource Center near Millville and taken to an emergency vet.

"Being fed a tablespoon of food every hour because her stomach couldn't take a meal at a time."

Sult says Izzy was too weak to bark at first.

"Those little things we take for granted with our healthy dogs were just huge, miraculous steps for her."

Izzy's back leg and most of her teeth most likely need to be removed. She needs to see an orthopedic vet to see about getting a mobility cart. Animal Resource Center is accepting donations.

"We've raised the money for the life saving, to get her hydrated and things like that. But right now, we just are working on the quality of life donations."

For more information on how you can help Izzy, click here.

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