Trick or Treating at the Hospital

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- From looking at the big smile on Aislynn Tiblin's face, you would never know she is in the hospital. The 10-year-old girl from Pleasant Gap was bummed to find out she must stay in the hospital on Halloween until some trick or treaters came to her room.

"Coloring books, stickers, cups, and a basketball player gave me a rag," Aislynn Tiblin said.

"Missing the Halloween festivities in school today, but we just had some fun. A little bit of Halloween festivities here in the hospital will make up for it," Elizabeth Tiblin said.

The reverse trick or treat is a longtime tradition at Janet Weis Children's Hospital near Danville. Children who are stuck in the hospital still get to experience Halloween.

"It's just nice that people are coming around and making kids who aren't feeling good happy," Katy Mahon said.

Trick or treaters come to the children.

"She did not want to be here for this day, but it's OK as long as she's having fun, which she is," Kristie Garancosky said.

This is not only something the children look forward to. The Bucknell University Men's Basketball team has been doing this for more than 20 years. The players took a break from practice and handed out treats.

"It gives you perspective to come in here and see these kids who are obviously dealing with a lot. And to be able to brighten up their days a little bit, it's a good experience for us," Kimbal Mackenzie said.

"We try to do special stuff like this especially during the holidays, to bring a smile to their face and make them happy and forget about what's going on for a little while," Trent Zwatty said.

According to Child Life Services at Geisinger, the trick or treaters saw more than 40 children.

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