Keeping Trick or Treaters Safe

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MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. -- Before you go trick or treating this year, police in Lycoming County want to give you a few tips to help you stay safe this Halloween.

With all of the excitement over costumes and candy, law enforcement have a few tips for us on how to stay safe on Halloween night.

"Here in Montoursville, the fire department usually sets up at the middle school. There are stationary places to go trick or treating and there are also places to go walk around. There is a lot of traffic," said Montoursville Police Chief Jeffrey Gyurina.

Montoursville police recommend trick or treaters stay in groups of two or more, never go into a stranger's home or vehicle, and if possible, wear reflective clothing.

"Carry a flashlight or even turn your cellphone flashlight on. It may not be bright for you to see, but it's bright enough for someone to see you, especially if you're crossing a street or in the road," said the chief.

"Where we trick or treat is a pretty safe neighborhood, but I just take extra precautions because I don't want them to get anything that can hurt them," said Courtney McCoy.

"When you find candy that the package looks like it's been altered or fruit that looks like it's been punctured, obviously with fruit, you want to wash it first. Anything that looks punctured or altered I would just throw it away. It's not worth the risk to take a chance with that," Chief Gyurina said.

Montoursville police will be out patrolling and handing out treats in the borough on Halloween night.

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