Halloween Parade in Carbondale Cancelled Because of Wet Weather

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CARBONDALE, Pa.-- Rich Trichilo’s soda truck was only half decorated for the Halloween parade in Carbondale. He never got to finish it because the parade this weekend has been canceled because of bad weather.

“My grandkids would love to go. They're really disappointed that they're not going,” Trichilo said.

His truck was one of the 19 vehicles registered to be in the parade, but people were told on Wednesday that the parade was canceled.

“Before people put their floats together and put a whole bunch of time and money into developing their ideas and concepts for the floats, we figured we'd tell them ahead of time that we were going to cancel,” City clerk Michelle Bannon said.

This was supposed to be the first of what they hoped would become an annual Halloween parade in Carbondale, but Mother Nature got in the way.

“It's been a terrible summer. The whole summer was awful and the fall doesn't look too good either,” Trichilo said.

Now, people in Carbondale said they’re just hoping to get a little cooperation for their next holiday parade in December

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