ESASD Students Put on Live Newscast

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EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Students at East Stroudsburg Area High School South are hustling and bustling inside one classroom.

Some are editing, some are writing, all for a live newscast that hits classroom TV waves every morning.

"It just shows me a little sliver of what it might be like if I do choose this career path later on," said senior Nolla Morawiek.

The show, called "South Side Live," is completely run by students, though teachers Ann Catrillo and Craig Long make sure everything is done correctly.

"It's really a sense of allowing them to get on camera, to learn technology and whichever kind of venue suits them best," said Catrillo.

"Every year is a little different. We've come a long way from our first broadcast. We've added various amounts of equipment over the years," said Long.

Once the students are done writing and editing, they come into the studio. It's where they put on a 10-minute newscast, similar to what you see right here on Newswatch 16.

"This really shows people how the broadcast would go in real life," said freshman Aryana Dixon.

Directors in the control room and anchors in the studio work together to tell students what is happening throughout the week.

Students rotate and find themselves in different roles.

"It's basically just an outlet where kids can know what is going on around the school. Some kids who aren't involved in a lot of things, they can get themselves involved in a lot and know when and where it's happening," said Morawiek.

The students even invited me on during the "good-bye," and I think I fit right in.

We had a great time following everyone around to see how you do your newscast.

And as always, thanks for watching our newscast, too.

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