New Housing in Planned in Danville

DANVILLE, Pa. -- When people come to the Montour County Courthouse it's hard to miss the building next door.

The former Danville Manor has seen better days. It's been vacant since 2012 when it was condemned due to lack of heat.

"In all the surrounding towns, Millville, Benton, Bloom, Danville, they all have vacant. It makes me sad," Nadeane Fry said.

But this building won't be vacant for much longer. Irondale Luxury Housing out of Bloomsburg plans to turn the building into luxury dormitory-style housing.

"I just think it's good for the community. You don't want vacant buildings. They run down, and the property values go down. This is a great thing for the community," Save Macko said.

The owners tell Newswatch 16 the building will feature 21 beds, open living rooms and kitchens in a dormitory style. The short-term housing is geared towards Geisinger professionals.

"That's really good news. That's what we need, we need to bring people back into towns and the small-town living," Fry said.

"It's a great thing for the community, tax revenue, traffic for the downtown," Macko said.

Some people who work along Mill Street believe this will bring more people to downtown Danville.

"Our downtown is really truly working to keep that hometown downtown feel," Valerie Shultz said.

Shultz manages D's Clothier.

"I think that's awesome. Any buildings that we can fill up downtown is good for everything," Shultz said.

The owners plan to start renovations next month and hope to have the new living space open by next spring.

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  • WNEPMonitor (@WnepM)

    The very last thing this town needs is “dormitory style housing”. People aren’t leaving here because of subpar housing, like the one you’re trying to create. They’re leaving because our backward state hasn’t done anything to court industries and commerce beyond greasing the palms of the oil industry. They have no HOPE in these burned out coal towns. All you’re doing is making another Geisinger block in Danville, and those parasites have done everything they can to make sure they’re of no benefit to the town and county which host them.

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