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Dunmore Students Create Little Libraries

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DUNMORE, Pa. -- When building a library, you don't have to think big. One is only a little bigger than a mailbox and is a new addition to the Dunmore Elementary Center.

"It's good for a kid to just come to a park and be able to have that there because not everyone has access to a library. It's good for kids to get their education at parks," Dunmore High School junior Tobyn Sitar.

This is one of four little free libraries made as a joint effort between the Dunmore High School Book Club and the Computer Aided Design class.

The CAD class built and designed the miniature libraries.

"The doors, we had to build the doors and put glass on it so it can survive through winter conditions and stuff like that," Sitar said.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. The little free libraries were created because the Dunmore High School Book Club needed somewhere to put all their books.

"We've been trying to do a book drive for quite some time, and we've unfortunately been unable to because no place wanted books, besides the recycling center, which of course, we didn't want to give them the books," Dunmore High School senior Kaitlin Ahern.

So, the students created a home for them. The libraries are scattered around the borough, at the school, and a few public parks.

The books are free for anyone to take.

"We, obviously, couldn't do it on our own," said Ahern. "We had no idea where to put them, and we had kind of been mulling over the fact that we can't do this, and we were able to find people who had the capacity and ability to create a place to put them in."

That's a lesson that can't be learned in a book.

"It's good to help your community, that's what I learned," said Sitar.

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