Habitat for Humanity Building Double-Block Home in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- By springtime, Ellen Williams hopes she'll be able to call a house in Williamsport home.

"Super exciting, I don't know how you explain other than really exciting, blessed. Like I keep saying, it's a blessing," said Williams.

The mother of three is now a homeowner thanks to the Greater Lycoming Habitat for Humanity. A nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity uses state, federal, and private donations to help build homes for families in need.

Williams applied for the house on Scott Street last year, and now she's helping to build it.

"You know the work that goes into it then. You know what these people are sacrificing and doing for you, volunteering for you. It's really humbling."

Newswatch 16 found volunteers installing two of everything in this building. That includes two front doors.

For the first time, Greater Lycoming Habitat for Humanity is building a double-block home from the ground up. It means not just one family, but two families will be able to call the new place their home, thanks to the nonprofit.

"We had the funding to support building a double home, and if you can get two families in a home in one year, fantastic!" said Alice Shuster, Habitat for Humanity.

"As a single mom, I was just looking for help, you know, renters help. I came across Habitat not knowing what they were," said Nicole Gonzalez.

Now Gonzalez and her daughters have a place to call their own.

"Most of my daughter's life, my 8 year old, we've moved constantly. We've never had a stable home, so having this opportunity to give her and my other daughter is great," said Gonzalez.

Volunteers are needed to help complete this home by spring. Click here if you can help.


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    Where’s the the Father? Yeah, stable household. Let’s keep giving the handouts to all who cross the boarder. More are coming. What p.o.’s me is why can’t I get the low interest rate with my sweat equity? Oh, that’s right ,I don’t have kids, I work and I’m white. Keep giving them the freebies.

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