Crestwood Classes Canceled Again; Athletic Games Go On

WRIGHT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Classes were canceled at Crestwood School District on Wednesday and Thursday as administrators and busing officials scrambled to get bus drivers up to date on their background checks.

However, while classes were canceled, after-school activities went on.

Parents said they found out that the district would provide transportation just before their kids hit the field.

Crestwood Middle School athletes faced off against the home team Dallas on the soccer field, but it’s how they got there that’s causing some concern.

“This is the safety of our children you're talking about. They've been riding on the buses with them for two months almost,” parent Rebecca Schwartz said.

Crestwood hired Rhinehimer Bus Lines to handle transportation for the district. However, an issue involving incomplete background checks on bus drivers has forced the district to cancel classes for at least two days.

Even though Crestwood parents said their kids were brought to their away game in Dallas on a Rhinehimer bus, they said they felt comfortable because the soccer coach was with them.

“We're lucky in the sense that our coach is the guidance counselor at the school, so we know that he was going to be safe,” Schwartz said.

Heather Mullisky also has a child on the middle school soccer team.

“As a PTA mom, I couldn't walk into the building and attend one of my kids' parties and help with one of my kids' parties without clearances,” Mullisky said.

Rhinehimer Bus Lines told Newswatch 16 that it is working to complete the background checks on the bus drivers as quickly as possible.

Crestwood parents said the sooner the better.

“I just hope we're not out of school for much longer. Winter is coming. Weather is coming. We're going to have to make these days up,” parent Amy Demarzo said.

There is no word if classes will resume Friday at the Crestwood school district.


  • 16viewer

    Just like during the strikes the sports must go on. If not you’d have parents marching on the school board with pitchforks. It’s apparent where the priorities lie.

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