Searching for Fall Foliage

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The calendar reads October, but a quick look at the trees outside would say anything but.

Across our region, foliage seems to be changing at a snail's pace.

"With the weather, it doesn't seem like it is changing as fast as here because it is not getting as cold as it usually does for this time of year," said Eric Murphy of Moosic.

Gary Morton and his family have made the trek up from Tennessee in the fall for the past four years. He noticed a big difference while walking around Lake Scranton.

"This year it doesn't seem like there are that many trees with leaves on or the colors are missing," Morton said.

"I have never ever seen the foliage this bad as it is today. It's all caused by that excessive enormous amounts of rain and the heat wave in the summertime," said Scranton city forester Anthony Santoli.

City officials say that peak foliage season for our area begins in early October, and seeing the green leaves on trees is a huge cause for concern.

"This is a very serious situation. The trees in the valley area have not changed their true colors for fall," said Santoli

Santoli has worked as a forester for decades and says this change is unusual when it comes to our region. He believes if the leaves don't fall soon, it could create problems come winter.

"What worries me is if we get a major snowstorm in November and these leaves are still on, there could be considerable damage because the branches will not be able to hold up the snow."

Santoli tells Newswatch 16 he doesn't believe this pattern will be a trend. It will all come down to the rain and heat of next summer.

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