Misericordia University Students Run Pro Bono Physical Therapy Clinic

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DALLAS, Pa. -- It is National Physical Therapy Month.

Students at Misericordia University run a pro bono physical therapy clinic. Donovan White of Wyoming is a patient there. He has been going for the last three years since he started wearing a prosthetic leg.

"For me, it's been very beneficial," White said. "As an amputee, to be able to live an active lifestyle like I want to do, so learning things like core strength, balance, endurance. Those are things that are important for an amputee."

The clinic takes on patients, like White, who are underinsured or have no insurance to pay for physical therapy.

"When I had received my prosthetic, my permanent leg was denied physical therapy by my insurance company," White said. "So having a service like this being offered, I got help where I didn't think it was possible to get help."

The clinic not only helps out the community but also gives the students who work out of it a chance to gain some experience.

"How many people actually get to go to school for something like this and actually get to experience it before you go out on your first clinical?" Misericordia physical therapy student Allison Amos said. "It's really great to have some hands-on experience and knowing how to interact with and work with patients prior to that so then you're a little less nervous and you already have a decent foundation under your belt before."

For information on how you can get an appointment at the clinic at Misericordia University, contact Maureen Pascal at mpascal@misericordia.edu or ptclinic@misericordia.edu or call (570) 674-6258.

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