Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich Laid to Rest

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A well-known state representative and sports broadcaster from Lackawanna County was laid to rest Monday, almost a week after he passed.

Family members and friends said one last goodbye to Sid Michaels Kavulich. His funeral was held at Divine Mercy Parish in Scranton.

"Just heartbroken, he was a good man and left us too young. It's a big hole for the people of Lackawanna County and the Commonwealth," said State Senator John Blake, (D) 22nd District.

Before he passed, Sid said he wanted a simple funeral, but everyone at the funeral Mass knows that that wasn't possible for someone like him.

"He was a fixture in the community in so many ways, as a sportscaster to his time as an elected servant in our community," said State Rep. Michael Carroll, (D) 118th District.

In this story

Family members and friends told their favorite Sid stories; they laughed and cried, and they say it was more than just a burial Mass.

"It also sort of feels like a celebration for how he helped so many people," Jim Brogna said.

And in that celebration, friends and family say they hope they can honor him by being more like him.

"How much he truly cared so many people, which is so uplifting. If more of us thought that way in our lives and acted that way, so maybe we can think a little bit and pause and not only celebrate his life and being sorry losing him, but thinking about how much we can make a difference in other people's lives by truly caring for others," Brogna said.

During the eulogy given by both his daughters, they talked about their dad's love for Black Friday shopping, his hatred for the Steelers, but mostly they just talked about his kindness.

"It is just what made him such a special and unique person, and I'm really going to miss that more than anything about what a great person Sid was," said Brogna.

Sid Michaels Kavlulich died last Tuesday. He was 62 years old.


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