Book by Berwick Author Details Local Treasure Hunt

BERWICK, Pa. -- A man from Berwick enjoys hunting for treasure in his spare time. Now, he is sharing that hobby with children.

Rick Eisenhauer wrote a book which will lead people on a treasure hunt around Berwick.

It's called "Magical Christmas Gift," and Rick Eisenhauer of Berwick originally wrote it for his grandchildren. Inside the book are clues which lead readers all over Berwick. Someone will find the treasure which is a necklace from Walker's Jewelers.

Eisenhauer is a retired truck driver, and in his spare time, he is a treasure hunter. He is a fan of the book "Thrill of the Chase" by author Forrest Fenn where you must figure out clues to find $3 million in treasure, which is hidden in New Mexico.

A few years ago, Eisenhauer wrote a Christmas book for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Recently, he published it so other kids could enjoy it. He included a twist.

"I ended the story, but I said maybe I can have another beginning, another adventure for children and their families. Get outside and start looking for a silvery token," said Eisenhauer.

"Magical Christmas Gift" is a treasure hunt around Berwick. The story takes readers through Berwick landmarks such as Ber Vaughn Park and Christmas Boulevard.

The treasure hunt starts at Walker's Jewelers on Front Street in Berwick. It also ends there if you find the prize.

"I'm excited about it, and he put a lot of thought and effort into this," said Jeff Cerminaro.

Cerminaro owns Walker's Jewelers and donated the necklace which is the treasure hunt treasure.

"Of course, I said it would be an honor. It's a great thing for the community, for the town, for the kids," Cerminaro said.

The book came out a few weeks ago. Eisenhauer says the token that can be traded in for the necklace that is hidden somewhere within the municipalities that make up the Berwick Area School District.

"Get out there and look. Get off these video games. Get outside and do something," said Eisenhauer.

Eisenhauer says you will not have to do any digging to find the treasure. Click here for information on how to buy "Magical Christmas Gift."

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