Sister of Accused Treasure Hunt Burglar Crushed by His Arrest

PINE GROVE, Pa. -- The family of the man from Schuylkill County arrested during a treasure hunt at a famous author's home in New Mexico say they're crushed, but this isn't the first time he's tried to find author Forrest Fenn's treasure.

Robert Miller's family says this is actually his third attempt at finding that treasure but it's the first time that hunt put him in handcuffs.

Robert Miller of Pine Grove was accused of breaking into the home of Forrest Fenn looking for the treasure described in one of the author's poems.

"He's our teddy bear. He'd never hurt anybody," said his sister Billie Jo Bender.

His sister who is a corrections officer in Schuylkill County is hurting, too.

"When I called and asked him, 'Why, Robert?' His words were, 'Billie, I wanted to provide for Amanda before I die.' So, I immediately called my dad and said, 'We got to get him home.'"

Miller's family has already raised close to $6,000 on a GoFundMe page from people in Pine Grove to all the way in Colorado. His family says they need $25,000 for legal fees and to bring Miller home.

"We had one that just donated on the GoFundMe page. His message was he doesn't know us, he's from Colorado, but he heard Robert say about the $130 and he wanted to match it and he gave $130.

That's how much police say Miller had in his bank account when he went onto Fenn's property armed with a hatchet looking for clues that would lead him to millions in gold.

Miller's family says this treasure hunt is only causing problems.

"If it were something simple like Fenn says it's supposed to be for family and kids to go out and venture, then people shouldn't be dying over this. People shouldn't be getting arrested for trespassing."

Miller's family says he is free on bail in New Mexico. There's no telling when or if he'll be coming home anytime soon.


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