University of Scranton Dedicates Building to Recently Canonized Saint

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The University of Scranton dedicated a building Thursday in honor of a recently canonized saint.

The building at the corner of Madison Avenue and Mulberry Street in now called Romero Plaza.

Oscar Romero was a former archbishop of San Salvador who was murdered in 1980 as he celebrated mass.

He was known for his commitment to social justice, one reason the University of Scranton chose to honor him.

"We wanted namespaces on our campus to inspire our students. I want to them to ask who was Oscar Romero why is the space name for him and that inquiry on their part will lead them hopefully to pursue the work of justice of peace that Oscar Romero inspires us to do," said Father Scott Pilarz.

Oscar Romero was canonized a saint on Sunday by Pope Francis.

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