Man Bitten by Fox in Lackawanna County

BLAKELY, Pa. --  A man from Lackawanna County was sent to the hospital after he was bitten by a fox on Thursday.

According to police, the 68-year-old man was cleaning his pool on Lillibridge Street when a brown and gray fox came up behind him and bit the back of his leg.

Police say the fox then took off to a neighbors yard where it stared down the neighbor before running off into the woods.

The game commission has been notified about the aggressive fox.

No word on if the fox in Lackawanna County has rabies.


  • WNEPMonitor (@WnepM)

    It doesn’t. Animals with rabies rarely bite humans because they’re in tremendous pain. By the time the disease is transmittable the animal is usually unable to coordinate itself well. Of course, you get the shots just to be safe. But realistically, the fox was just scared and out of its element. Enough of the “RABIES RABIES RABIES!!!!!” every time people have an unpleasant encounter with a wild animal with teeth.

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