‘Hopefully, he learned his lesson’ – Family of Robert Miller React to New Mexico Arrest

PINE GROVE, Pa. -- A man from Schuylkill County is locked up in New Mexico. Police say he broke into a guest house at the home of a well-known author in search of hidden treasure.

Now family members are speaking out about the arrest of Robert Miller of Pine Grove.

In Forrest Fenn's work titled "The Thrill of the Chase," the author claims to have hidden millions of dollars' worth of gold and jewelry somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Robert Miller of Pine Grove was on a quest to find that treasure. Instead, he wound up in New Mexico at Fenn's compound and in jail.

We spoke with Miller's uncle, getting his reaction to his nephew's arrest.

Bodycam video from Santa Fe police details the moments leading up to and following Robert Miller's arrest. The man from Pine Grove is charged with burglary.

Police say he broke into a guest house on the property of author Forrest Fenn in New Mexico last week. Miller told police he was in search of the treasure Fenn mentioned in a book, a treasure that others have died trying to find.

Robert Miller's uncle was watching Newswatch 16 at 5 in Tremont when he saw the video of Miller being arrested. He was not surprised to see his nephew broke into Forrest Fenn's home.

"It's one of those, what comes around, goes around. Hopefully, he learned his lesson, that you just don't break into people's homes. You just don't do that," said Ricky Rehrer.

Rehrer says Miller does have some good in him. He's seen it firsthand but adds Miller has made some questionable decisions in the past.

"I'm hoping for the best, that he straightens his life out and hangs in there. You did what you did and now you got to go through the consequences."


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