Friendly Football Wager Between Two Local Mayors

TAMAQUA, Pa. -- Two mayors from our area made a friendly football wager.

The stakes? The losing team has to buy the winning team its hometown iced teas.

Tamaqua Mayor Nathan Gerace bet Jim Thorpe Mayor Mike Sofranko that Tamaqua's team would win Friday's game between the schools.

If Jim Thorpe topples Tamaqua, Gerace has to supply the team Guer's Iced Tea.

If Tamaqua wins, Sofranko owes the Olympians Bear Creek Iced Tea.

Both mayors say their confidence heading into the big game is high.

"Sure I'm feeling confident I wouldn't be here in Tamaqua if I wasn't confident and I do feel confident this won't be the first time we see them this year. This is the first regular season game but we're looking forward to seeing them again in districts," said Jim Thorpe Mayor Mike Sofranko.

"Its just all around exciting and this adds a little bit more excitement to the games between the two. I mean Jim Thorpe and Tamaqua are both great boroughs and both great mayors I like to say, so it just adds some new excitement and something more for people to get excited about other than the game," said Tamaqua Mayor Nathan Gerace.

Right now, Tamaqua is 8-0 and Jim Thorpe is 7-1.

The teams face off Friday night at 7 in Jim Thorpe.

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