Veterans Bond over Woodwork

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Some veterans got a hands-on experience with woodworking in Williamsport.

Turning blocks of wood into everyday items, a group of veterans at Williamsport Community Woodshop were hard at work Saturday.

"Learn to do things they have never tried before. Get out of their comfort zone, and get them to do things they haven't done before," said Tim Higgins of Williamsport.

Factory Works, a nonprofit community organization based in Williamsport, along with the Wounded Warrior Project hosted several wounded veterans, teaching them the tricks of the trade alongside other service members.

"Some of them just sit at home playing games, so we like to get them out and back around veterans who know what they've gone through," Higgins explained.

It's not just about the woodworking, the wounded warriors are able to make bonds with other service members.

Veteran Nathan Lavallee from Loganton is getting his first taste of this type of wood cutting.

"The experience I have in woodworking is cutting down trees and then cutting them up and burning them and learning new tools and how to make things," Lavallee said.

Don Koons of Williamsport is a 97-year-old World War II veteran and says his next project is for his family.

"Eight little stools for my great-great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and I almost have them finished to give to them, and I just like that," said Koons.

For first timers and those who have been in the woodshed more than once, both could agree this was a nice way to pass the time with fellow service members.

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