Four Susquehanna Community High School Students Flown to Hospitals after Violent Crash

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THOMPSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Four high school students were flown to area hospitals following a violent crash.

State police say the four teens were traveling at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control, eventually slamming into a utility pole.

State police say it was on a rural road near Thompson.

Two boys and two girls, all students at Susquehanna Community High School were on Stack Road.

Troopers say the car was going at a high rate of speed while cresting a hill.

The vehicle went airborne, hit a dirt pile then rolled for roughly 160 feet, eventually striking a utility pole.

The three passengers were thrown from the vehicle.

All four teens were flown to area hospitals.

Students Julianna Bradley and Sarah Day are in eighth grade which shares the same building as the high school.

“I was sad because I just saw them,” said Bradley. “I feel really bad and it's really weird to think about, just like to picture it like that.”

“Just scared, still don't know what's going on, everything,” said Day.

“We're just praying and making sure they send warm wishes to the students,” said Superintendent Bronson Stone.

He says the crash prompted school officials to push the district's Friday night football game against Dunmore to Saturday night.

“We`re such a small community, tight-knit that there's no way our student-athletes or our fans even could think about a game when we have students in a state of crisis,” said Stone.

School officials say two students are a cheerleader and a football player so after the crash the school had the football team and cheerleading squad here at the high school to meet with school counselors.

“Students grieve in all different manners and it's good to have supportive people to help them,” said Stone. “For better or worse, the worse thing in the world is misinformation on social media so to let students know exactly what we know so we can all share the same information.”

The district plans to make counselors available to students again on Monday.


  • Frank The Lunatic

    The biggest problem with kids – none of them wear seat belts when they are with their friends. This is such a common and sad and possibly preventable story all the time. It’s not like those of us in our mid to late 40’s and early 50’s, whose cars were big and heavy and if you did have an accident while driving fast, you had better chances of surviving than now, where these kids are driving small mainly plastic and thin metal cars at high speeds that are designed to meet the minimum safety crash requirements, whereas the cars for the rich, like the luxury BMW’s and Mercedes, etc, are designed with better standards (because basically, only the people with money can afford to have cars that survive accidents.)

    • gfl ne

      Sure, they should always wear seatbelts. Maybe they can save every penny from the day they are born to buy that expensive, safe car. Or, maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t drive like idiots putting themselves and others at risk. Since the excuse is always kids being kids or they’re young and and all young people do dumb things, maybe the age to get a license should be raised.

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