Driver Sentenced to House Arrest after Admitting to Deadly Hit and Run

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A driver entered a guilty plea in a deadly hit and run six years after the crash.

The trial for Daniel Loughnane was supposed to start Monday but during a motions hearing Friday morning, Loughnane pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

He was sentenced to 12 months of probation with the first month served under house arrest with electronic monitoring.

Loughnane hit and killed Rebecca McCallick, 19, with his pickup truck in Wilkes-Barre in July of 2012 and then took off.

"It was a late night and there was a lot of concern from the neighborhood only because a lot of people go really fast on this street," said resident Brian McCann.

When Newswatch 16 came back to the street where the hit and run happened, we spoke to neighbors who've lived here since 2012. They say they couldn't believe how long it took to resolve the case.

"You would've thought by this time, it would've been resolved and there would've been some finality for the families," McCann said.

The case sat for six years because of several legal maneuvers which including a fight over whether Loughnane's truck was legally seized by police.

In the end, a judge ruled the truck could not be used as evidence in the trial.

"We were able to reach an agreement that was acceptable to both sides, most importantly was acceptable to the family. Really, after six years of the judicial proceedings, appeals to the superior courts, Supreme Court, back here, in the last few weeks, dozens of motions and hearings and arguments, (they) really wanted finality," said First Assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce.


  • George Lamprinos

    Wow. Kill someone and you’re literally sent to your room to think about what you’ve done. House arrest means you can watch all the TV you want. Read all you want. Surf the Internet. And it doesn’t mean locked in your house. You can cut the grass. Go shopping still. Visit the doctor. Go to Church. What a life. Yeah I know, no job. But he’ll soon qualify for welfare and get to live in a Section 8 house.

    • Daryl Fisher

      You can probably scratch reading and going to church off the list. And add drinking beer and smoking weed.

    • albertcohol

      It’s a lame sentence for sure, however house arrest is just what it’s called, it’s confinement to the inside of your house, you cannot even step off the porch.
      However you are allowed to go to work and doctor or lawyer appointments, you cannot even go to the grocery store.
      If I’m correct isn’t his attorney Luzerne county’s former DA.

  • Daryl Fisher

    He should have to register as a lifetime sex offender. It wasn’t a sexual crime but it’d be harsher punishment that a month home watching tv.

  • Charlie 42

    Wow. Why even have laws at this point. Scumbag gets away with murder once again. But as said earlier, don’t get caught with weed though. That’s when they “set examples”.. Well hopefully someone runs this waste of space over, that’s the only way that poor girl gets justice. Yes I said it, I’m totally wishing him death, and in a horrible way

  • Jeff _

    Shame on WNEP. Absolutely no mention of the fact that the victim was laying in the middle of the street when she was struck.

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