Despite Danger, Drivers Continue on Closed Road

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DURYEA, Pa. -- Coxton Road is closed because of what PennDOT called dangerous conditions, but that is not stopping some drivers.

The road has been closed off and on for months after heavy rains flooded nearby reservoirs, pouring onto the roadway.

This week came a warning from PennDOT: Coxton Road won't open anytime soon.

"I didn’t realize how dangerous it was, it's going to be a shame for a lot of people that live up in Clarks Summit because this is a shortcut,” said Rick Ohaire of Duryea.

PennDOT says the danger to drivers who ignore the signs is real: unseen from above and below.

The flooding has undermined the road which could collapse and above the rock face, large boulders are close to tumbling down.

Kevin Czekalski of Plains Township biked to Coxton Road to check things out. He said he would never cross the road in this condition and he cannot understand how people take that chance.

"They're nuts, that road could collapse. It's going underneath the roadway, yeah, they're going to go under. You can see how deep the water is just coming across the roadway over there,” he said.

"PennDOT officials said repairs could take weeks, maybe even longer.

If drivers are caught on the closed road, they face the possibility of tickets and fines.

"I didn't realize it was that dangerous, to be honest with you. But if people realize it's going to cave in and the stones are going to come down and crush them, maybe they won't use it then,” said Ohaire.

PennDOT officials said in addition to collapse or rock slides, drivers need to stay off Coxton Road to protect crews working to make repairs.

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