16 To The Rescue: Sage

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UPDATE: Sage has been adopted.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Sage is a 5-year-old Pit bull mix at the Animal Resource Center of Bloomsburg. He's been there since November of 2014.

"We're approaching the four-year mark and we did some math, that's about 1,400 days, 200 weeks, over two million minutes he's been here in a kennel and he just deserves a home and have the opportunity to live this life outside of a shelter," said shelter worker Carrie Recla.

Sage acts like a puppy, so he'll need a family who will take him on plenty of outdoor adventures.

"He will be great in a home that's active, that's going to get out there and give him the opportunity to burn off that energy."

Sage is certainly a people pup, but due to his size, he'll need a home without young children.

"We find that he probably would do best with children who are a little bit older that they would know the limits that he would need set. But he's great with people. When we take him out in public, he does well. He's just a really, really good dog."

Due to his sometimes-too-playful nature, workers recommend no cats, but other animals are a possibility.

"Sage is good with select dogs here at the shelter. We feel he would do best with a dog that was laid back, lower energy than him."

He knows a few tricks and he's also pretty smart.

"He follows a routine fantastically, so we find here at the shelter, if we mess up that routine, he gets a little flustered and doesn't know what to do."

The shelter says he'll need a family who understands that it will take him a bit to get comfy in his new home.

"We do think when he goes to a home, he will need some time to decompress from the routine here and to learn a new routine," Recla said. "Despite his size which might be intimidating to people, he's incredibly lovable and a goofball."

If you're interested in adopting Sage, contact the Animal Resource Center here.

Click here for additional resources for pet adoption.

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