Some Closure in 13-Year-Old Cold Case

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- A break in a death investigation in Georgia is hitting close to home for a family in our area.

A woman who grew up in Williamsport went missing back in 2005. Now investigators in Georgia believe they know who's to blame for her death.

When Leslie Adams' body was found, family members tell us they knew whom to blame, because although she took legal precautions, she felt she was in danger.

Phyllis Adams is hoping this could be the beginning of finding closure for her and her family.

Billy Cook, the man she says she always knew was to blame for her daughter's death, has now been charged.

"I was relieved, I was sad and happy because my daughter is gone," Adams said.

Leslie Adams grew up in Williamsport but eventually, she moved south with her children. In 2005, the 40-year-old mother of two went missing.

Leslie's body was found two years later in a swamp.

The death investigation went cold until last year.

"All this time, they were getting evidence and try to put things together," said Adams.

Before her death, Leslie dated Billy Cook for a few months. The couple even came to visit Leslie's family in Williamsport.

"That's when I was starting to see the other side of him."

Soon after, Phyllis says the couple broke up, but Cook was persistent.

Days before she went missing, Leslie filed for a restraining order.

"She was scared of him by then and she had told my other daughter that if anything happens to me, Billy Cook did it. She made that clear."

Cook's attorneys in Georgia said, "one has nothing to do with the other."

Now that Cook is in jail, the family hopes he'll plead guilty.

"His whole demeanor, he never deserved her. He looks like these past 13 years have been God awful on him and I'm just hoping he's tired of it too and we don't have to go to trial," said a family member.

"All we want is justice for Leslie right now," Adams added.

The family says while they are already starting to feel some closure, they are asking people in the community to respect their privacy.

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